Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Stadium of Light Far Right

As if losing (again) courtesy of an Agent Bramble own goal wasn't enough, the Mackems compounded a hilarious weekend by attempting to arrest their impressive decline by swapping a thoughtful, shrewd manager with a proven track record for a complete lunatic with no experience at the top level and a dubious record of pro-fascist remarks and gestures. MP David Miliband has quit the board in protest at the appointment, while the club have been sufficiently upset by external criticism to issue a statement in defence of the new man, claiming it's "insulting".

Several people have suggested on Twitter that Di Canio's arrival might mean a push for a move from the Premier League into the English Defence League...




Blogger Craig Somerville said...

I hear they're changing the nick name from black cats to Black Shirts

7:55 pm  

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