Thursday, February 14, 2013

Trouble with a capital Mr T

It's been a while since we were last able to report on a Newcastle player in trouble with the law for car-related bad behaviour - so credit to Mr T for righting that particular wrong. No sooner has our man returned from the African Cup of Nations than he's been arrested on suspicion of fraud in connection with motoring offences and his motor impounded. And there I was, imagining that if he was to find himself in hot water for anything car-related it would be for trying to turn an old banger into an armour-plated tank in a barn before busting out and mowing down some baddies...

The news comes just a couple of days after Mr T told the Ronny Gill that no one's first-team place is safe. Coming from him, that sounds like an ominous threat - I wonder if a team-mate panicked and decided to grass him up to the police to save themselves?




Blogger Unknown said...

He drives a Chevrolet Camaro? Why do I hear the boys from Top Gear giving him hell for that...

2:32 pm  
Blogger 63soul said...

This type of charge always seems like nothing more than motor vehicle administrative b.s. than a real crime.

What concerns me more is that Tiote is driving a camaro. C'mon, Cheik! You are a professional footballer----why the trashy American car?

5:15 pm  
Blogger 63soul said...

Seriously though, just read the article on first team status. Is anyone really serious in thinking that Tiote would lose his place to perchinho? Have to admit, I'm a huge Tiote fan. Few holding MFs work as hard as he does and as the cup of nations showed, he can put one in the back of the net when service to the attackers isn't happening. I'm relieved he's still with us in addition to our new French arrivals.

5:23 pm  
Blogger Ben said...

Well, Perchinho's been playing quite well. Mr T reclaimed his place tonight and performed decently, but remains a liability - he got his booking for a typically cynical foul and could have got another for a bit of a dodgy challenge late on. On form he can be brilliant - but for too much of this season he's underperformed and looked like a red card waiting to happen.

11:24 pm  
Blogger 63soul said...

Conceded, but I still feel more secure w/ him in there than Perch.... that is until that first yellow comes out at the 25 minute mark.

11:23 pm  

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