Saturday, January 26, 2013

Arrested development

The Lone Ranger really has excelled himself this time. Having suffered a serious Twitter backlash for bashing the boo-boys, you'd have thought he'd keep a low profile, at least for a while. Not so. No sooner has he stuck yet another two fingers up to the fans in the form of photos of his surname written in £20 notes (I'm amazed he can spell, personally), than he's arrested and bailed on suspicion of rape.

It might yet come to nothing (Ranger has been charged and cleared of offences before), but once again he's proved himself a one-man wrecking ball swinging in to demolish our fragile public reputation. The sack is too good for him.

Elsewhere yesterday, former Toon men Michael Chopra and James Coppinger were found guilty in their corruption case relating to horse-racing. Chopra has admitted to having a serious gambling problem (not for the first time) and, prior to the verdict being delivered, said he'd welcome a ban: "I see any such sanctions as being a useful mechanism in helping me to address these problems". If only the Lone Ranger had the couple of brain cells necessary to be able to do likewise.

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Anonymous WallsendStu said...

NUFC don't need this type of publicity. This week has been all about new signings yet this idiot keeps dragging the club down. Time he was sacked, we dont need or want him here.

1:50 pm  

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