Thursday, December 20, 2012

Demba disillusioned by directness

It seems that missing out on the African Footballer Of The Year award isn't the only reason Demba Ba's not a happy bunny. Eleven goals so far this season would suggest that our tactics are suiting him well - and yet he's grumbling: "I’m not happy when the team does not create anything. Fans come to see beautiful games with beautiful actions and not long balls from the goalkeeper to the striker."

All of which is unlikely to do anything to dampen the fires of speculation surrounding a possible move away from St James' Park in January, should any club activate the clause in Ba's contract. In that same interview - given to the French media, as these loose-lipped interviews usually are - he described potential suitors Arsenal as "a very attractive club", though he did also suggest that it's all just idle rumour: "They know Arsenal need strikers, they know a release clause is inserted in my contract, so they make speculations."

If our top scorer is to be sold, then the same rumour mill has it that we already have a ready-made replacement lined up in the form of Loic Remy. The French striker has fallen out of favour with Marseille, but not long ago was being pursued by Chelsea and Spurs, amongst others. Interestingly, the suggestion is that it wouldn't be a straight cash deal, with one of our Frenchmen moving to the south of France as well as a sizeable transfer fee. Watch this space, as they say.

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