Tuesday, October 16, 2012

An apology, of sorts

In the wake of yesterday's court verdict, I think it's only right to offer an apology to the Lone Ranger. We had thought the worst of him, but CCTV and testimonies proved that his actions were provoked by racist taunts from drunken thugs, who then attacked him (meaning his own aggression towards them was retaliatory and in self defence). While that still doesn't excuse his subsequent behaviour towards the police, then it does perhaps at least make his agitated, aggressive state more understandable.

However, his post-court Twitter claim "By da way I haven't been convicted of anything..!!!" is nonsense, as has been patiently pointed out to him by Telegraph journalist Luke Edwards, formerly of the Journal. Despite the mitigating circumstances, he was still handed a 12-month conditional discharge for assaulting the two police officers, and ordered to pay them £750 compensation each. Edwards went on to say "really is about time u realised error of your ways" - admitting at least some responsibility for his actions would be a start - before asking: "When did u last attract media attention for actually playing football?" Good question - and one that our errant striker is unlikely to be able to answer, given that his memory's so short he can't seem to remember court verdicts on the same day they're delivered...

Disregarding the provocation in this particular incidence, the fact remains that the Lone Ranger continues to embroil himself in potentially compromising situations - he's incapable of keeping his head down and staying out of trouble. His behaviour may have been comprehensible (if not excusable or justified) in this case, but more often than not he has no one else to blame.




Anonymous Anonymous said...

Perhaps if someone or some group could reach out to him with something he could relate to, he might have a chance of pulling himself together. I'm glad he defended himself from the thugs, I assume he was terrified of the police, I expect he had been drinking. He could change all of the 3 if he would pick his spots for his fun time.
I think MA & AP have black-balled him for something he did or said that is not out in the public. HTe best they could do for him is get him out on loan. THe worst would be to let him hang in limbo.
The kid has talent. NUFC need talent. Sopmething tells me it is Ranger that needs to come crawling back to St. JAmes PArk to try to make amends.

8:11 pm  
Blogger Ben said...

I think he's been blacklisted just for his attitude and being unable to steer clear of trouble. He's had loan spells at both Barnsley and Sheffield Wednesday and not set either club alight. We could try one final time, but the question is finding a club who will take him on. It's like asking someone to voluntarily handle a live grenade.

8:45 pm  

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