Saturday, September 29, 2012

Quote of the day

"This club gives me a great opportunity to win a trophy. We have a great team, great players, great staff. A trophy along the line? That might put an added pressure on myself but really and truly if you are not in this game to handle the pressure then you shouldn’t be in it. The percentage chance of me winning a trophy at Manchester United will be a lot higher than here, but that doesn’t mean I can’t do it [with Newcastle]."

That's all fine and well, Silver Fox, but then couldn't/shouldn't you have played a slightly stronger team against Taggart's reserves in the League Cup on Wednesday? And what's with the use of "will" rather than "would" in relation to Man Utd - are you convinced of getting Taggart's job once he finally relinquishes the reins? You've only just committed to another eight years with us, remember...

Also speaking ahead of the Reading clash has been - inevitably - Danny Guthrie, who revealed that Brian McDermott's stalkerish tactics (tracking him down on honeymoon) were key in persuading him to sign for the Royals. He also described the experience of getting a run in the first team through injury and then being dropped to make way for the fit-again player as "very frustrating" (though he doesn't harbour any bitterness towards the Silver Fox), and cast doubt on our ability to crack the top four. Here's hoping we can make a start on proving him wrong down at the Madejski.

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