Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The writing's on the wall (again)

So the grafitti's back. No sooner had the initial white daubing of "St James' Park" been removed, its perpetrator Michael Atkinson arrested for his trouble, than someone branded the stadium with its rightful name once more, this time in black paint.

Meanwhile, Sir John Hall has voiced his disapproval of Jabba's renaming of the ground, claiming: "I think Mike Ashley accepts that Sports Direct Arena will never be accepted by most of the fans". Well, if he doesn't acknowledge it, it looks as though he's sentenced to be reminded of our disgruntlement on a regular basis. Best get employing a dedicated grafitti removal team, Jabba...

Original amateur painter Atkinson has spoken to the Daily Heil about what inspired his act of defiance: "People on Facebook were saying someone should go and put a new sign on the stadium once it had been taken down and I thought why not. I had a few cans of lager in the house, I'd had eight cans of Fosters, so at that point I decided I was going to make a stand and speak for all Newcastle fans." Somehow the deed seems less noble knowing that, doesn't it?

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