Friday, February 17, 2012

The signs they are a changing

The end of an era yesterday as the signpost outside St James’Park was crowbarred off to leave the way clear for the rebranding of our stadium.

Whilst various Newcastle fans were left expressing their outrage yesterday, Michael Atkinson has been charged with criminal damage by the police for taking it upon himself to do something about it, having daubed St James on the ground in white paint.

Without wishing to condone criminal activity, I wouldn’t be too surprised if there wasn’t a whip round organised to cover any fine he may receive, or that he will be short of a drink of two for carrying out the graffiti in the first place (if indeed he is found guilty of the offence at all).

Of course the rebranding itself will be interrupted in the summer, when the Olympic Games come to town to play some football at St James’ Park (all non-Olympic sponsorship having to be removed for the duration of the Games).




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