Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Quotes of the day

"The most important thing is being happy with your football and I am happy here."

Heartening words from our prolific number 19. To be fair, at present we’re the fifth best team in the country and gunning for a top four finish. While he might move for more money, I expect he’s on a heavily incentivised contract which, given his goalscoring form, must have seen him pick up a fairly sizeable (and thoroughly deserved) wage this season. With Papiss Cisse alongside him, it’s no surprise to hear the player say he’s happy where he is. Long may it continue.

Further down the article though, this comment caught my eye:

"Although eyebrows were raised that what seemed a wild lunge as the Villa left-back endeavoured to block Taylor's shot went unpunished, the FA will not review the incident retrospectively as it it says it was an 'on the ball' challenge."

"On the ball challenge"? Does that make it acceptable? A challenge is either dangerous and reckless or it isn't. Does it matter if the ball is there or not? Surely the question is whether the referee saw the challenge. If he didn't, then the FA should be prepared to take action regardless of whether a challenge is "on the ball" or not.

In terms of harm to the player, Warnock's challenge was far worse than that which led to Dreamboat suffering trial by TV, when he caught Adam El-Abd of Brighton with his boot the other week. One brings a three-match ban, the other leaves our player injured and escapes censure. It’s a joke.

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