Thursday, February 09, 2012

Eye off the ball

It’s been a busy week for Droopy, what with the court case over his dog’s Monaco slush fund finally reaching a conclusion, and then Fabio Capello flouncing away from the England job, over the FA’s decision to strip John Terry of his role of role model in chief, opening up a vacancy which everyone in the media has been lobbying for Droopy to fill since England’s last terrible World Cup (non-)performance.

Clearly this would be Droopy’s ideal job, giving him free rein to talk about players at clubs he doesn’t manage without fear of repercussion.

By contrast, the Silver Fox has already ruled himself out of the running for the England job. Given the dearth of successful English managers, simply guiding us to fifth in the table had seen him installed as third favourite with some bookies, so his stated intention to stay put is to be welcomed.

With Newcastle due at White Hart Lane on Saturday night, it’s to be hoped that all the off-field shenanigans which have kept Droopy occupied of late might just cause him to take his eye off the ball on Saturday, and also leave his players distracted by the thought that the man currently picking the team might not be doing so for much longer, and certainly not next season when they are hoping to be playing Champions League football.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

With a bit of luck!!

5:14 pm  
Blogger Unknown said...

Capello's resignation actually made it on ESPN here in the states. My first thought was "how long before Pardew's name comes up?"

Glad he's staying put too!

7:36 pm  

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