Monday, January 09, 2012

Droopy's Demba indiscretion

Droopy has been quoted in the press (and let's be honest, he'd give a quote to the bloody Yellow Pages if they asked for one) about Demba Ba. According to the man who is soon to be in court defending serious allegations regarding his personal finances, one of our players (not his, ours) has a release clause in his contract that means he could leave for less than £7 million.

Thoughts which arise from the whole release clause issue are:

1. How do people find out about release clauses in players' contracts? Presumably Ba's agent is spreading this around in the hope of negotiating a better contract for his player/commission for himself either at Newcastle or elsewhere - in much the same way as we benefited from finding out about Dreamboat's release clause, to pick him up for a bargain fee in the summer.

2. Depending on the figure involved, would any team be prepared to take a risk on the "ticking time bomb" knee? It's one thing to sign the player on a free, but quite another to spend £7-10 million on him (as Tony Pulis will tell anyone who listens).

3. Having insisted on the release fee, chances are Ba won't be around long enough to break the Lion of Gosforth's goalscoring record. Best enjoy him while we can. Hopefully Graham Carr is already on the case of finding a replacement/back up.

None of this means that Droopy should get away with talking about it. After all, he wasn't best pleased when Chelsea kept talking up Luka Modric all summer, was he?

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Blogger Unknown said...

This article at NUFC Blog claims that it's only for Champions League teams... which doesn't that eliminate Spurs?

Anyway I completely agree about how all these things suddenly come to light... Is Ba just looking for a bigger contract given his success this year?

6:02 pm  

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