Thursday, October 13, 2011

Have you ever seen a Latic in Milan?

Another day, another thinly veiled jibe from Deluded Dave Whelan. Responding to Liverpool managing director Ian Ayre's controversial appeal for the right for Premier League clubs to be able to negotiate their own overseas TV deals, the Wigan chairman said: "What we have is the finest league in the whole world and what Liverpool are calling for would absolutely wreck it. The likes of Wigan, Bolton, Blackburn, Wolves, Sunderland and Newcastle couldn't compete". Whelan's attempt to equate his tinpot club and ours in terms of overseas fanbase and interest is laughable. Were Ayre to get his way, we'd be in a far more secure position than Wigan.

An incensed Whelan declared: "It is absolutely scandalous. It would kill Wigan Athletic. It would kill Blackburn". Dave, while I agree with the sentiment (any change to the rules would plough up any residual notion of a level playing field), statements like that do a good job of convincing me that Ayre might be on to something after all...

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Blogger Paul said...

Must admit, I do agree with Whelan in so far as it would screw over the majority of the teams in the Premier League.

Whilst I think we'd do better than Wigan, and indeed the vast majority - the reality would see Man Utd in particular pulling away from the rest.

2:13 pm  
Anonymous Tim said...

While we have the potential to make more than Wigan etc what's to stop jabba making sure every penny would be reinvested in the club, again

11:03 pm  

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