Monday, September 12, 2011

Quote of the day

"We don’t feel we’ve made empty promises. Sometimes in these situations it’s impossible to win. If we say nothing we are criticised. If we state our intentions and they are not realised, we are criticised."

The club's board respond to the charge that their public statements can't be trusted, one of several questions posed to them by the Ronny Gill. No, it IS possible to win - the scenario you've failed to outline there is the one in which you state your intentions and they're realised. Not surprised that one had passed you by...

This is just one of the many infuriating claims littering their answers - the response about why Rocky was sold and why the cash wasn't used to replace him in the transfer window is a masterclass in waffle, patronisingly explaining the complexities and difficulties of buying a player but carefully ignoring the fact that other clubs managed to make plenty of acquisitions...

As we reported on Friday, Alan Pardew himself issued a thinly veiled criticism of his bosses' failures in the transfer market, and followed that up with a revealing comment in the Sunday Sun: "I think Derek [Llambiarse] is the type to call a spade a spade and so am I. We've exchanged those words and we have to put it right and make sure we work together to move forward". Pardew appears determined to demonstrate to the fans that he understands and indeed has voiced our frustrations, and isn't Jabba and Llambiarse's puppet - a risky strategy, since it's likely to provoke Jabba's ire without any guarantee of being swallowed by the supporters.

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