Wednesday, August 10, 2011

You put your left leg in

Confirmation from the club that Big Lad has signed a two-year extension to the contract that was due to expire next summer. He's now contracted to the club until after his 32nd birthday, having made his debut against Chelsea back in 2000.

Since that game, when he memorably squared up to the Poison Dwarf, it's fair to say that Big Lad has, at times, flattered to deceive. On his day, he is a world-beater. Strong, with what can be an exquisite touch, he can give any centre-half a torrid afternoon, and his goal record against the Great Unwashed is particularly impressive. However, those days don't come often enough, and when watching from the stands, the impression that he's ambling through games is one which the player has never been able to shake off.

Still, he's been with the club longer than most and, despite several near brushes with the exit door, has remained a loyal servant, albeit one who continues to be immensely frustrating to watch, the knowledge that he can batter teams single-handedly undermined by the fact he fails to do so nearly often enough.

Presumably this is yet another illustration of the Rocky money being invested in the club, albeit not by bringing in the new striker we need.




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