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The true cost of free transfers

So, according to Llambiarse, there's no such thing as a free transfer: "We have acted early and we have got the players we wanted, but none of them have been cheap. We have paid good prices for them. They certainly weren’t free transfers, there are fees and wages to consider". OK, but haven't we lightened the wage bill by shipping out Rocky and Kevin Nolan too? If you're going to take account of the wages of incoming players, Del Boy, then you need to do likewise for those who've left - which means we should have had more than the £39m in combined transfer fees to play with.

Speaking to the Torygraph, Llambiarse reiterated the point that "not a single penny of the £35 million has left the club and neither will it" - which, of course, isn't the same as saying every penny will be spent on reinvestment in the squad, as Alan Pardew was promised. Llambiarse also suggested that the hierarchy are keen to hold back some funds in reserve: "If we spent all the money on players this summer, what are we going to do in January if we need to bring somebody else in? We are using the money sensibly". Fine in principle - but what's in question is the exact amount being held back...

Pardew, for his part, now appears to be singing from the same hymn sheet as the MD: "When you sign someone like Demba Ba and Marveaux there are huge fees in there. Lots of money in those deals doesn’t come back into the system. It goes out through agents. We have spent a fair amount on those players, more than fans realise. If you add up the money and think we have not spent the 35 million you will be way off. I have to mark the cards of the fans on that one". It's never entirely clear with Pardew whether he backtracks because he's just been spouting off fan-pacifying guff he knew was untrue at the time, or because he did genuinely believe it, has discovered he's been misled by Jabba and Llambiarse and is now having to toe the party line. Answers on a postcard.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I thought I had heard it all but now claiming that "free transfers" are expensive to justify not spending the 35M is a new one to me.

What's next?

2:24 pm  
Anonymous Gary said...

If we look at what Cashley could have spent his wedge on the £35m "re-investment" could cover a range of things:

1) Cabaye- £4.5m.... throw in a million more for signing on fees and agents

2) Training ground upgrade- I live near Darsley park and havent seen any major developments there, give them the benefit of the doubt and lets say a generous £1m has gone here

3) Simpson and Tiote new deals- Signing on fees say another £1m or so seeing as they still had a few years on the table anyway

4) Abeid, Marveux and Ba- They would stick it up any club coming on a free because of the transfer saving. Say £8m in fees (again i am trying to be excessive)

All in thats a spend of £14.5m. Leaves £20m by my count. If we get Erdinc for £8m, probably £10m after fees it still leaves £10m to get another decent striker in then there loans we should be looking at too.

Nolan went for £3.5m (and was on £60k a week). It has never been said further funds will be generated from sales so i wouldnt even account for Nolan.

Campbell left on a free (£20k a week saved there).

While you can understand freebys arent free there isnt a cat in hells chance they have put much of a hole in the £35m. Not to mention profits from every transfer window since taking charge and slashing the wage bill.... I would love to know what the current debt figure is if money isnt coming out of the club??? £135m.... surely thats come down a fair whack!!!

With Barton and Enrique potentially being sold that means more money in and slashing the wages further.

Routledge, Best and Ranger going to.... we need them as back up in my opinion. The cost to replace them will surely outweigh whatever we get offered.... Best especially i would like to keep as a squad player.

Smith, Lovenkrands, Ameobi and Harper contracts expire end of the season so more wages saved (cant see any getting new deals although shola seems to be a very lucky man so lets see).

The debts excuse has got to start wearing thin soon (TV revenue and sponsorship also being coined in!!) it will be interesting end of this season, if we do okay, how much investment he puts in the team the following year as we are set to cut free of alot of deadwood.

2:41 pm  
Anonymous PJ said...

A few corrections, but agree with above post. Marveux/Ba apparently have cost us 4mil each (Lamb's ass' claim) - 2mil each to agent & player. Campbell was on 40K/wk & Nolan 55K/wk. Butt's stayed back on reduced wages. Moreover our income last season from TV/gate/other revenues is likely to be higher than 110mil. Apparently they're spending 2-3mil. on the training ground (undersoil heating etc.). There's also the 8.8mil. for 12th place in the league. Arsenal are to bid 9mil. for Enrique anyday. There's enough money in the bank to buy Cesc/Nasri & still not have to put in any extra funds. It's just getting more depressing by the day inspite of us still having one of the better midfields around. Don't think I could take another relegation season so soon!

5:57 pm  
Blogger Ben said...

Butt?! You mean Smith?

Have to say I doubt very much that Enrique, if he goes, will net us that much, given he only has the one year left on his contract.

Can't share the doom and gloom assessment. I think we've made some reasonable signings, even if the sale of Nolan was a huge gamble. But I do agree that more of the Carroll wedge has to be spent.

10:01 pm  

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