Wednesday, July 13, 2011

No go Joe

ASBO's past has returned to haunt him, with confirmation that he will not be allowed to take part in our pre-season US tour, after the Yanks denied him a visa.

Speaking on the subject, ASBO has shown admirable humility commenting: "I regret not being able to travel with the club on this trip, but at the same time, I don't expect to be treated any differently or more favourably than anyone else in a similar situation."

At least it makes a change from the usual "Don't you know who I am" mentality which a lot of players appear to suffer from.

Instead of travelling to the States, ASBO will now join the reserves on a pre-season tour of Holland. I can't be alone in appreciating that having being denied a visa to enter America due to his past misdemeanours, he's instead off to a country famed for its tolerance of activities most countries consider illegal.


It turns out ASBO isn't the only one of our players to be denied a working visa (although it is ironic that he was allowed in to the States for his recent summer holiday), with the Lone Ranger also barred from entering the US on account of his previous misdemeanours.

It's like a return to the days of Robson's brat pack, only with the added problem that we've organised a tour where half the players can't travel.  Seriously, which bright spark came up with this plan?

Anyway, both ASBO and Ranger will now join up with the reserve trip to Holland.

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