Thursday, April 21, 2011

Rout on his way out?

According to Colin Wanker, at least. Our winger has been enjoying a real purple patch since stepping back down to the Championship with title-chasing QPR in January, and it's hard to see Alan Pardew standing in his way should he opt to go back from whence he came.

However, allowing Routledge to leave would indicate to ASBO that he's likely to continue to be posted out on the right rather than played through the middle as he prefers - might that be a factor he takes into consideration when contemplating any new deal the club offers?

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Blogger Peter Chadburn said...

Yes he has played well and also combined well with taraabt. In an attacking side with other players who like to run at the opposition and pass he has been great. in a more structured team i would guess he just does not fit in. he has given qpr a lift after we lost mackie through injury. a pity for you lot that he does not seem to have fitted in up there.

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