Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Arfa deal done

Newcastle confirmed today that Hatem Ben Arfa's loan move from Marseille has become a permanent signing, with the injured winger signing a four-and-a-half-year deal.

In the short term nothing changes, with the player still seeking to recover from the broken leg he picked up at Eastlands earlier in the season. What it does suggest is that his rehab is going very well for the club to risk signing a player suffering from such an injury. Similarly, it represents something of a statement of intent from the club, with a figure of around £5 million being mentioned on

Whether that means Jabba has again put his hand in his pocket is uncertain, and similarly whether that means there is any further cash available for recruitment without sales remains to be seen.

In other transfer news, the Evening Standard is suggesting that Rocky might be on his way to Spurs in exchange for Robbie Keane, David Bentley and a suitcase of money. Hopefully there's nothing in this - as much as Robbie Keane would probably slot in to our side quite well, I think he'd be better alongside Rocky than trying to fill his boots. Aside from anything else, flogging a young striker with huge talent and potential in exchange for an older player past his prime doesn't seem the wisest bit of business we could do. The fact that the usually reliable .com are carrying the story suggests it's more than idle paper talk and is something we'll need to watch as the month progresses.

As I mentioned a few days ago, keeping Rocky has got to be a priority for Pardew and the offer of Keane, Bentley or whoever does nothing to change my view.

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Blogger Ben said...

Good signing - I hope. £5m sounds like a snip for a player who not so long ago was being talked up as one of the best young talents in Europe - but knowing our luck it's best not to speak too soon...

7:13 pm  
Blogger Ben said...

Should have added that it's nice to see the club and fans have made such a positive impression on Ben Arfa in a relatively short space of time, and that he's clearly desperate to repay the support he's had during his enforced absence.

8:07 pm  
Anonymous Pradajames said...

Agreed on keeping Rocky. Why fight to stay up if we sell off the players that will keep us there?

3:26 am  
Anonymous Craig said...

Lets just hope he can do it regularly, I remember when we signed Hugo Viana amidst similar comments and he vanished!

11:34 am  
Blogger Ben said...

Agreed, Craig - it was Viana I had in mind too...

1:32 pm  

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