Thursday, December 09, 2010

Nothing to report? If only

Just another slow news day on Tyneside, then, with us scrabbling around for stories to report on. Nothing much to mention other than Steve Harper's return to action and confirmation of Nicky Butt's decision to come out of retirement.

Oh, OK then, if I must...

Pardew was unveiled as our new manager at a St James' Park press conference this afternoon (alone, I should add - neither Jabba nor Llambiarse having the guts to deign to appear and explain themselves to the media). Below I analyse a selection of Pardew's pronouncements...

"I've had a lot of texts from managers saying 'you must be mad going there'. But it's one of the top five clubs in England. It's a daunting prospect but something I couldn't turn down".

They had a point, Alan. What have you possibly got to gain, other than a boost to your bank balance and the opportunity to add a big name to your CV?

You're going to be working for someone who has repeatedly shown himself to be spectacularly clueless when it comes to footballing matters and yet who insists on interfering. You're unwanted by the players and fans, both of whom have been fiercely critical of Chris Hughton's dismissal. And you've got to stabilise a once-again unstable club riven with tensions.

Oh, and I think it's fair to say that Spurs and Man City fans might be justified in questioning your claim that we're "one of the top five clubs in England"...

"The problem I'm going to have initially is the players. I need to get my message across quickly and with clarity so as not to get any resentment at a time when they are doing reasonably well. The battles I need to win are on the pitch. I understood what was going to happen if I took the job."

That first sentence suggests he's under no illusions, but the second contradicts it - the resentment's already there, Alan, I'm afraid. Just take a look at the public comments made by captain Kevin Nolan and Sunday's stand-in skipper Sol Campbell in the wake of Hughton's departure. Whatever Jabba could accuse Hughton of, it certainly wouldn't be having lost the dressing room - and Pardew now finds himself in the position of having lost it even before he's started.

"I wanted to be tough on the length of contract and give myself as much stability at a club that hasn't had much stability with managers. Managers have come and gone here. It doesn't bode well so I'm trying to say I will work as hard as I possibly can here to get a situation where I can bring some longevity to the job."

Bully for you for doing a Souness and securing a ludicrously long contract (five and a half years) out of a moronic hierarchy, Alan. Of course the length of the contract also underlines Jabba's disgraceful treatment of Hughton, whom he wouldn't even offer an extension - our former manager must be feeling even more disrespected today. It's also rather rich of Pardew to blather on about stability - that's exactly what we'd finally achieved with Hughton and what he allegedly helped to destroy by agreeing to secret assignations with Ashley, Llambiarse and co when Hughton was still in the job.

"The brief for me would be to consolidate and stay in the division. But there's an opportunity this year... the Premier League is so close. We're in a great position for a team that's just been promoted but we've got to kick on."

Here we go - lofty and unrealistic ambitions, just the sort of thing that probably appealed to Jabba. Hughton was a pragmatist and knew that survival was the key objective this campaign, and nothing more. The fans urging sobriety and realism while those within the club are intoxicated with absurd expectations? And to think that we're the ones forever accused of being delusional...

So, how to react now? Do we want Pardew to fail? Of course not. Are we now resigned to getting behind him (or at least him and the team), now the deed has been done? I think probably yes - very begrudgingly. The club is always more important than individuals etc etc.

But Pardew should be aware that the supporters' patience will be in far shorter supply than it was for his predecessor, and Jabba should be aware that the disgraceful treatment of Hughton won't be forgotten and that NUST's resolve to wrest ownership of the club and place into the hands of fans has been strengthened by the whole debacle.


Anonymous Ben said...

I have racked my brain for what possible logical reason there is to Hughtons dismissal and the appointment of Pardew. The best I can come up with is that Ashley is a closet racist!!

Obviously thats a wild and unfounded accusation, but seriously, what other explanation can you give to such a catalog of incompetent actions?

7:58 pm  
Blogger ZaXXoN said...

Oh Ben, I too have been there. Also, my workmates, Arsenal & Tottenham fans say 'That is all wrong'. I am not an avid fan of Newcastle, but I am from the North East and as such I like all the North East teams first, so I am in a minority as I like both Newcastle & Sunderland.

I was a kid when Bobby Moncur lifted the Inter City Fairs Cup. Brilliant night!!! Also I saw Sunderland win the FA CUP - Brilliant Day!!! I am only interested in seeing my homeland teams finding success.

These 2 memories stand out as the best memories I have of Football.

Recently Sir Kev Keegan almost won the Premier with Newcastle (twice) and Sunderland thrashed one of my hated teams (Chelsea, Man Utd & Man City), Arsenal were on the hated list but they dropped off due to their spending policy.

So, I am a neutral, with a love of all teams North of Hull. I spent my youth going to Rock Concerts at Newcastle City Hall and it is a sacred memory I have. So, I have a small affinity with Newcastle.

My belief, is that Ashley wants MONEY, and nothing else. Freddie Shepheard was different. He loved Newcastle.

One thing Alan Pardew has is experience, Vast Experience of screwing up.

To look at the situation logically. Sack the guy doing well and bring in the guy known to screw things up = Ashley wants the parachute payment. I am sure, if Chris was in charge for a few years that NUFC would be reaching at least a Europa cup place within 2 or 3 years.

If that is his (FAT ASH) main aim (only time will tell), it stinks to high heaven. Look at the Martin Jol statement 'Pay per result basis with an Arsene Wenger management style (i.e. No Buying)'.

The ONLY 'other' explanation is that Fat Ash is looking at stealing the Parachute Payments (under the illusion that NUFC will become a 'YoYo' team like West Brom). WRONG, Alan Pardew has only 1 Footballing Direction and that is Down. Sadly.

1:24 am  

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