Monday, December 06, 2010

Quote of the day

"This will hit the players hard. The players admired him and liked him and won't be happy now he's gone like this.

It makes no sense. Here is a guy who has done an unbelievable job. He got the club back into the Premier League and any manager would have been rewarded for that with a new contract, but Chris wasn't.

The players are sure to be asking themselves 'What the hell is going on?', that is only natural.

When we left training this morning none of the players had a clue this was coming. Yes, it has come as a shock, and it will affect the dressing room there is no doubt about that.

Sol Campbell risks incurring Jabba's wrath by speaking out in ousted manager Chris Hughton's defence - and emphasises the fact that our esteemed owner has at a stroke undone everything Hughton achieved in terms of stabilising the club.

Needless to say, I remain flabbergasted - and angry.

Reaction to the sacking (equally bemused and condemnatory):

The BBC's Phil McNulty: "For Newcastle, it was further proof that if there is a self-destruct button to hand, they simply cannot resist the temptation to press it".

The Guardian's Barney Ronay: "Newcastle United's decision to dispense with Chris Hughton is quite possibly the most stupid in recent footballing memory."


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