Thursday, December 02, 2010

10 months later

A quick round of applause to the BBC, who are clearly on the pulse and reporting a story from the Mirror in today's transfer gossip. Apparently Chelsea are preparing a £9million bid for Steven Taylor.

As Ben highlighted earlier, whether he'll be going anywhere, or signing a new contract on Tyneside remains uncertain. However, it's fair to say that if he is to leave, given that he is currently transfer listed and his contract runs out in the summer, a much lower cash offer in January should secure his services.

A quick read of the Mirror story shows that it was, in fact, written on 13 February 2010, a mere 10 months ago.

In other news on the BBC website, Prime Minister Gordon Brown is contemplating when to call a General Election and the Lib Dems are pledging that should they triumph they will abolish tuition fees...


Anonymous Canadian Geordie said...

Another one for the "Lazy Jounalism" category.

You wonder why people get fed up with transfer gossip? Here is a prime example

6:16 pm  

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