Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Money, money, money

Following on from Pay As You Play, credit to blogger the Swiss Rambler for putting his business background to good use, poring over our finances and producing a long, informative and impressively researched post.

The gist of it you can probably imagine - we were a financial basket-case post-relegation with an alarming wage-to-turnover ratio of 83% - but what's revealing (at least to me) is the extent to which Jabba has bankrolled the club. Perhaps, were this to be better publicised and were he to not continually make fan-infuriating decisions like giving Chris Hughton the boot, then we might be more appreciative and grateful.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good point. I did read it myself and were also shocked over how much money Mike Ashley have invested in our beloved Newcastle United.

Besides sacking CH i think Ashley have done quite well the last year or so to be honest.

6:31 pm  

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