Wednesday, December 22, 2010

ASBO is a wanted man

Another day, another hands-off message from Alan Pardew. Yesterday it was Rocky, today it was his in-form supply line for most of the season, ASBO: "We don't want to do any business".

Time was when, if anyone had offered us anything even approaching £5m, we'd have snapped their arm off. Clearly ASBO's now seen as an integral part of our first team. I'd say "How things change!", but that new leaf in terms of conduct he keeps promising is yet to materialise. He's used to being a wanted man, but not in this sense...

Also recently subjected to Pardew's powers of persuasion has been Steven Taylor. "I have been very impressed with the new manager. Since he came in, he's been absolutely spot-on. Within a day or two of him coming in, he sat down in his office and made it clear he wants me. He just wants to get the ball rolling." By the sounds of it, then, burned bridges could yet be rebuilt. With previous first-choice central defensive pair Mike Williamson and Sideshow Bob now both suspension-free, whether he'll keep his place in the side for our next game (whenever that may be...) remains to be seen.

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