Friday, November 12, 2010

If it wasn't for those pesky TV cameras he would have gotten away with it

A three-match FA ban and a public apology: welcome back ASBO, we've missed you. Your body seemed to have been temporarily possessed by the spirit of a very good footballer concerned to keep his violent tendencies in check. Thanks to Fat Sam and his side for the exorcism.

Chris Hughton accepted the decision but also complained about the media reaction: "I have seen it again and I am aware that he has raised his hands. But I am also very conscious that because it's Joey Barton, there will be far more made of it than any other individual". True enough, but not grounds for complaint - like Rocky, ASBO has made his bed and now has to lie in it. Repeatedly step out of line and people are going to focus on your misdemeanours. There's only one solution: stop stepping out of line.

It'll be interesting to see who Hughton selects on the right against Fulham. Presumably it'll be Wayne Routledge, but he's been out of form recently so perhaps Danny Guthrie will be hoping for a recall.


Blogger brister said...

get off joeys back! he has a history but has served his punishment. Look at his record since he joined the toon in 2007- 1 red & 11 yellow cards in all competitions ( only 1 yellow all last season).Hardly a bad record for a combative midfielder

8:50 am  
Blogger Ben said...

Here we go again...

He's only made 59 appearances for the club in more than three years, partly through imprisonment and suspension (as well as injury). That puts his disciplinary record into better perspective.

All the more stupid in that just as he's finally found the form that convinced us to shell out £6m for him, he commits a mindless and pointless act of violence and deprives Hughton of his services for three games. I simply can't see how you can condone that.

2:00 pm  
Anonymous Lanterne Rouge said...

It looks like the woolly minded liberalness I showed in this very kind assessmentwas misplaced. You called it so at the time Ben.

8:28 pm  

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