Thursday, November 11, 2010

The price of (near) success

Pay As You Play, a new book by Paul Tomkins, Graeme Riley and Gary Fulcher, is a comprehensive investigation into the relationship between the spending and the success of Premier League clubs. Using a carefully developed and complex formula, the authors have converted all fees to Current Transfer Purchase Prices (CTPPs) for ease of comparison between clubs, players and seasons.

Unsurprisingly, we come out of it rather badly - as Paul and I acknowledge in our "Expert View" piece that accompanies the facts and figures. There's confirmation that the usual suspects - Albert Luque, Marcelino - were horrendously costly mistakes, but also a few surprises: Darren Peacock our eighth most expensive Premier League purchase (with a CTPP of more than £16m), anyone?

Next week (hopefully), Paul will be taking a closer look at what the findings say about us and posting his thoughts here. Meanwhile, though, the sample chapter currently available on the book's website concerns the "Newcastle Effect" whereby previously successful managers spend over the odds and fail when they go to a bigger club - worth a read to get a taster.

Thanks to Paul T, Graeme and Gary for kindly inviting us to feature among contributors including Gabriele Marcotti (Chelsea), Oliver Kay of the Times (Liverpool) and Daniel Taylor and Jonathan Wilson of the Guardian (Forest and the Mackems respectively), as well as an assortment of fellow bloggers: Darryl of All Quiet In The East Stand (Charlton), Richard of Craven Cottage Newsround, Danny of Bitter And Blue (Man City) and Matt of BHaPPY (Watford).


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