Thursday, September 23, 2010

Good night

A 3-4 win over Chelsea on their own turf? Our first since 1986? Chelsea's first home defeat in a cup competition for 30 games, and first goal conceded in ten-and-a-half hours of football? Er, yes please. Tremendous stuff from all in black and white - and it wouldn't have needed Big Lad's late headed winner if Phil Dowd hadn't taken pity on the ten men and awarded that ludicrous penalty. (Paul's full match report to appear shortly.)

And it was an equally memorable night for Ben Tozer, who only left for Northampton on loan on Tuesday. A day later and our defender played the full 120 minutes as his new side sensationally dumped Liverpool out of the League Cup at Anfield.

Meanwhile, down the road at the Stadium of Shite, they were still getting over the hangover of defeat to West Ham - the Hammers' first away win since August 2009...

Probably best to enjoy the elation and Schadenfreude while they both last, eh?


Anonymous kiwipete said...

You are celebrating the misfortune of a victim as well for the sake of of one upmanship. I doubt whether the woman at the centre of this affair would appreciate your comments
A little sick!!

1:29 am  
Blogger Ben said...

Fair comment, Pete. I wanted to make mention of the Bramble story and did so, giddy at our win, but in the cold light of day I agree it's not the right context. I've edited the post accordingly.

12:44 pm  

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