Friday, December 11, 2009

Youth team news

Congratulations to the other half of Black & White & Read All Over, Paul, and his wife Lisa who this morning became parents for the second time. On this occasion, fortunately, a midwife was on standby and Paul didn't have to show a Harper-esque safe pair of hands in taking delivery of his son...

No doubt young Isaac will soon find himself bedecked in Ben's old black and white striped babygro and propped up in front of televised games (you've got to get 'em young). As a man on a personal mission to supply the Academy with fresh talent, Paul's commitment to the cause knows no bounds.

All of which means that B&W&RAO is likely to be a one-man band for the next few weeks, a few days of which I'll be out of reach of the computer myself. So pre-emptive apologies if match reports and updates on developments at St James' aren't as swift, frequent or lengthy as normal. Just console yourself with the thought that Paul's thinking longer term...


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