Thursday, December 03, 2009

The Liberty (Camp)Bell

He wanted to be free: now he is.

He wanted to be free to do what he wanted to do: well, now he can.

And he wanted to get (more) loaded: expect him to sign for us in January...

Update: OK, so maybe don't expect that. Here's Campbell himself: "I have a few clubs tabling offers at the moment, but one of them doesn’t seem to be Newcastle now"...

Chris Hughton's comments did imply otherwise, though - he suggested that we are interested but that Campbell may have a better offer: "Sol is a wonderful player and I’m quite sure come January he’ll be playing his football somewhere. We’re not prepared to rule it out, because he’s a player who would be available. Sol is an absolute top, top defender. ... I spent many years with him at Spurs, he’s a good individual, very dedicated. The biggest stumbling block is options. He might already have something lined up, I really don’t know." I suspect Notts County fans might take issue with the use of the word "dedicated"...


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