Thursday, July 30, 2009

Quote of the day

"The opportunity to mock afflicted clubs is one of the joys of being a fan and payback time is difficult not to relish but the sadistic edge to the jeering spree is getting harder to stomach. Newcastle fans do not possess uniquely contemptible qualities and trying to pin the blame on them for the club's travails in the two years since Ashley purchased the club is the ultimate red herring."

What's this? Someone in the national media - the Guardian's Rob Bagchi - who's not only not out to ridicule us fans but actually bring a real sense of perspective? Do mine eyes deceive me?! Surely not!

The narrow focus on Fat Mike thereby largely letting the players off the hook aside, I find myself in agreement with him on pretty much every point - particularly on his characterisation of our summer as being one of "aimless meander".

First I'd heard of Bastien Schweinsteiger being King Kev's preferred target - rather optimistic, it has to be said, but little wonder he was pissed off to end up with Xisco instead. Picture the scene: young Kevin is handed a transfer deadline day present by Santa (Fat Mike in a comedy beard) that his little helper (you know who) has been busy working on, only to discover it's not the dynamic German midfielder he's been hoping for but an unheard-of Spaniard who instinctively wanders off in the direction of the treatment room like a homing pigeon, leaving Kev to play with the wrapping paper and contemplate giving Santa and his little helper a good hard hoof in the baubles.

Anyway, a narrow second in the quote of the day stakes is this pearler from Bordeaux manager Laurent Blanc, speaking about striker Marouane Chamakh: "I am going to do everything to make sure he does not go to just any club. With him, things are clear. After the season he's had, if he has to go, it will be to a big club. That's why I am standing in the way of a departure to Sunderland." Ho ho ho. One thing's pretty much for certain: if the Mackems succeed in their pursuit of Darren Bent, then barn doors on Wearside will be able to sleep soundly without fear of being hit.


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