Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Stalled sale sees players revolting under Shearer's shadow

According to today's Guardian, Llambiarse has revealed that there are three bidders (well, to use his words "more than two" - that's the numerical skill that got him a job in casinos) who have met the £100 million asking price, but who are now trying to knock money off due to our £40 million overdraft and £65 million wage bill. Unfortunately, due to confidentiality etc, this process could be hours away from completion, or weeks, but until anything is finalised we'll continue in a state of limbo.

Turning to the players, the article goes on to note that whilst they are currently off on a pre-season "boot camp" in Ireland, the squad are following Alan Shearer's pre-season programme, which he drew up prior to the end of last season. The shadow of our former Number 9 continuing to influence the current squad from afar.

Shearer's influence apparently also extends to our attempts to cut the wage bill, with a number of our high earners being openly touted round Europe in the hope of lowering the wage bill (and thereby presumably boosting Ashley's return when he sells the club), with Martins and Coloccini the two names which the press are currently quoting.

The problem of course remains that the longer the sale of the club takes, the less time the new manager and owners will have to try and strengthen the squad in order to try and mount a campaign to get us back in the Premier League at the first available opportunity.

Today's Chronicle even goes so far as to suggest that the players are now threatening a mass exodus if Shearer's appointment isn't confirmed quickly enough.

Whilst Fat Mike might be happy for some of the senior pros to go, and take their doubtless fat salaries with them, the loss of the more reasoned members of our squad would surely be another nail in the coffin of our season before it's even started.


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