Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A little less more conversation and a little more action

That was the plea from The Xisco Kid in a recent interview given in Sweden, where he's representing Spain in the European U21 Championships. Choicest quote?

"For players, when you train well you expect a chance, but I got nothing. There was no communication between me and Kinnear, nothing. He never said you have trained well, or you have trained bad, or you have to be like this or that. Never.

I was very angry. For a player the most important thing is respect. At that moment I felt that they didn't care. It was like - you stay here and train one or two hours, and then go home. This is the first time I have known that.

The first game when Kinnear left I played for 10 minutes against West Brom and this day was like - wow, I play again.

Evidently JFK is to man management what Ronaldo is to modesty. Once again you have to ask: what on earth was Fat Mike thinking when he appointed the buffoon in the first place?

In fairness to Xisco, he walked into a car crash, not realising until after his arrival that he wasn't wanted by King Kev and would actually be a prime cause of the manager's departure, and was subsequently plagued with injury for much of the season. But a five year contract for £50,000 a week, with our record of Spanish purchases (Albert Luque, Marcelino)? Madness.

While it's unlikely he'll stay, the comments suggest he is at least relatively settled in the North East (in contrast to Jose Enrique) and wouldn't be averse to sticking around as long as he's handed an opportunity - and given the imminent departures of Little Saint Mick, Captain Pasty and (in all likelihood) Oba Martins, he might be fortunate enough to get it.


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