Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Quotes of the day

"I'm very lucky to be at Aston Villa, it's a good club moving in the right direction.

Coming to Aston Villa has given me stability, it's a very stable club at the moment. The owner knows what he wants and the manager and the owner work very well together.

The structure all the way through is very good and with that stability you know where you stand, it helps you to just think about your football with no off-the-field distractions.

James Milner implicitly contrasts his current side with an unstable club moving in the wrong direction and beset by "off-the-field distractions" - hmm, who could he have in mind, I wonder?

And the new England call-up wasn't the only person to compare ourselves and Villa unfavourably today - chairman Derek Llambias was at it too: "In five years’ time I would hope we would be challenging for everything - we hope to be like an Aston Villa. But you need to have solid grounding under your feet. You need that – it should have been built years ago. We inherited so much - we’re knocking down walls and rebuilding."

The Telegraph's Rob Stewart interpreted this as meaning he and Mike Ashley have a "five-year plan", curiously oblivious to the fact that planning at Newcastle Utd rarely seems to extend further than what's for lunch in the training ground canteen. At least Llambias doesn't seem to be under any illusions about the magnitude of the job ahead, I suppose.


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