Monday, January 26, 2009

Quote of the day

"Ashley proclaimed himself as the club's saviour. But he has turned out to be its black plague. Every second he stays around the situation gets worse. He keeps pronouncing that he cares only about what's good for the club. If this is true, then he should cut his considerable losses and run now before he steers what's left of this great club from their current ignominy into bankruptcy."

If there's one thing worse than our current predicament, it's being lectured on our current predicament by self-important, Arsenal-supporting, know-nothing tossers. As it seems to have completely bypassed your attention, Piers Morgan, I think I should point out that trying to cut his losses is exactly what Ashley has been doing - but with no one daft enough to come forward and take the club off his hands, he's found he's stuck with it.

To be honest, I should know better than to read Morgan's drivel in the first place - not least because it appears in the fucking Mail...


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