Thursday, October 02, 2008

Fact and/or fiction

Another few days of gossip and fevered speculation, then. Having trouble keeping up? We are too. To summarise:

* Either the chances of Kevin Keegan coming back as manager are "extremely slim" (the Mail) or he's on the brink of returning to the club (everyone else). I know who I want to believe.

* Ever the shrewd businessman, Mike Ashley has apparently realised that when something isn't selling you need to cut the price, so the club is now up for grabs for between £280m and £300m. Yep, he's shaved £150m off the price tag but would still stand to benefit to the tune of £50m...

* The shadowy Nigerian consortium represented by one Chris Nathaniel claim to have submitted their bid for the club, stressing that they won't be held to ransom. Meanwhile, we've supposedly contacted seven different interested parties with a view to gauging whether they really have the necessary funds - and the Nigerians aren't among them.

But if there's one thing that's depressed me more than the ongoing sale saga and moronic platitudes from JFK (You're going to raise the collective spirit of the squad, are you Joe? Well done for recognising the problem - you're really earning your money...) and that's the prospect of us re-signing an old, shit player deemed surplus to requirements in the summer and unable to find a new club since by virtue of being old and shit. If ever we need damning evidence of deficiencies with our recruitment policy, that would be it. Stephen Carr: just say no...


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