Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Groundhog day?

How things change.

According to yesterday's papers, we're considering replacing Kevin Keegan with Kenny Dalglish, presumably because it was such a success last time round. Just a case of the media assuming (with some justification) that it’ll happen because of our chronic inability to learn from our mistakes? Why don’t we just skip Dalglish and Gullit and move on to Sir Bobby, under whom we at least played some decent football? God help us all if we really are trapped in some kind of groundhog day and are destined to suffer the second comings of Souness and Allardyce...

But today's papers - well, the Daily Mirror - brought the reports that a Nigerian consortium are close to agreeing a deal to buy the club and would be keen to reappoint Keegan if successful. To meet Mike Ashley's £400m asking price, though, they need up to an additional £100m - so keep an eye on your inbox for a glut of emails asking you to deposit money in a Lagos account...


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