Friday, January 27, 2006

Swede dreams

If reports are to be believed, Graeme Souness's future as Newcastle manager is hanging by a thread. A thread which will be cut should we lose to Cheltenham on Saturday in front of an expectant home crowd and the vulture-esque BBC cameras. However, I still maintain that we should keep Souness until the summer, if only because there is nobody better available at present, and come the end of the World Cup there will no doubt be a host of managers on the move.

On the subject of managers on the move in the summer, at least a couple of today's papers have put two and two together and linked us with part time manager and serial cheater Sven-Goran Eriksson, which makes a pleasant change from Fat Sam Allardyce.

As far as the possibility of Sven as manager, I for one would be happy to have him join us. Undoubtedly a name to attract players, his club record is excellent, and his pedigree as a manager isn't really in question. Of course, whether he'd want to come and manage us is open to serious debate, but as a man shown to be willing to do anything for the money (CDs, books, Nancy) he'd probably find a kindred spirit in Fat Freddie (they could slag off the News Of The World together), who would be willing to meet his salary demands (particular when we cut Shearer's salary from the wage bill at the end of the season).

Getting Sven would also play a huge part in persuading Owen et al to stay in the hope that things really will improve next year.

However, for this to happen we need to do several things.

1. Fat Fred needs to flex his chequebook in the direction of Sven
2. Fat Fred also needs to remain calm and think of the long term good as we limp towards the end of the season
3. We need to win on Saturday
4. Nobody bigger (e.g. Real Madrid) offers Sven a job

First step though is a win on Saturday. Without that, all bets are off.


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