Monday, January 16, 2006

Sheikhs, Swaps, Sulks and Sales

According to a fake sheikh that Sven's been chatting to, Michael Owen's unhappy and came to Newcastle for the money. Well, I’m also unhappy, and I pay to watch the buggers play. At least Owen gets paid for it, and when he is on the pitch he does his best. I just wish he’d get well soon.

Whilst Danny Murphy didn't play for Charlton at the weekend, Lee Bowyer did play for us. Charlton won their game, and we lost ours. Is it any wonder they want us to pay them to take Bowyer off our hands?

Also in the news is Nicholas Anelka, apparently he's keen to end his money spinning time in Turkey, and instead fancies taking the piss out of us by sulking at St James' whilst pocketing big bucks. Whilst he'd currently waltz in to our side, unless Fenerbahce are prepared to take Albert Luque in exchange there is absolutely no chance of that happening, because we simply lack the cash to pay for him.

Still, if one person's cunning money raising idea comes off maybe we'll be able to buy some new players… (Thanks to Pete Sampras (!) for the link.)


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