Friday, December 30, 2005

Black and white and read all over

Amazing what a little flurry of white stuff can do: turn you into an arrogant dickhead, lead you to dye your mullet blond (Ozzy Osbourne), lose you multi-million pound modelling contracts (Kate Moss), make your septum drop out (Daniella Westbrook).

No, hang on, wrong white stuff.

The fallout from the late, late postponement of Wednesday's game has been all over the papers for a second day running, everyone seeming to blame everyone else. The Guardian gave over a whole page to the fiasco, offering Richard Scudamore of the Premier League and Malcolm Clarke, the Football Supporters' Chairman, the chance to sound off.

Suffice to say it's the fans that are being fucked over (like Clarke, for once I agree with Fat Fred on something).

If you want to read more, Inspector Sands of Charlton blog All Quiet In The East Stand (not one of the 500 personally affected by the call-off) has collected together a tonne of links here. Good work, sir.

The final word must go to Charlton Supporters' Director Sue Townsend: "As we left to return to London, Newcastle fans were coming out and they started throwing snowballs at the coaches. It was quite scary".

Soft Southerners, eh? You're havin' a larf, aintcha?


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