Wednesday, December 21, 2005

That winning feeling

Chelseablog has all the hallmarks of a good football blog: it may centred on a team I don't give a toss about (in fact in many ways actively dislike - though not quite so much as some of their more bitter visitors), but it's a generally well-informed and always entertaining read.

Take, for example, the following paragraph posted by Grocer Jack in the aftermath of Sunday's victory over Arsenal:

"Our victories over Spurs year in and year out are a constant source of warmth and joy to me. These derby victories evoke in me the kind of warm self-satisfied and rather smug glow that one might wear if enjoying a rather decent glass of Rioja by the roaring fireside of a recently acquired lottery win-funded remote country cottage that you drove to in your brand new Bugatti Veyron, whilst being massaged in warm oil by Jennifer Aniston as in turn she’s lightly towelled off by a recently showered Catherine Zeta-Jones. The feeling is the same for victories over Fulham, Charlton etc., although to a lesser degree (maybe with Billie Piper and Helen Chamberlain instead)".

Some uncharitable souls (ie me on another day) might say "self-satisfied" and "smug" are adjectives becoming to a Chelsea fan, but then wouldn't you be if your team was performing like that? Anyway, that's exactly how September's victory over the Great Unwashed felt for us too. Thanks to Grocer Jack for putting it into words.


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