Thursday, November 03, 2005

Dyer Straits again

What is it with Kieron Dyer? Amid reports that he is injured again the question must be asked: why does this keep happening to him?

The suggestion that his persistent hamstring problems might be connected to a problem in his back must surely have been considered previously, after all, I seem to recall both Ryan Giggs and Steven Gerrard suffering similar problems. So why didn't anyone pick up on this with Dyer?

Surely any one of the "top hamstring specialists" he’s seen over the years should have spotted that one.

That they didn't, or the fact that the problem is still recurring, leaves us without a player who on his day can win games for us, but throughout his time on Tyneside has been blighted with repeated hamstring problems and at times appeared to undermine his own performances when fit through his playboy lifestyle.

Let's just hope that for the reported 80 grand a week he's being paid that he has to cover the cost of his own medical bills.


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