Thursday, September 22, 2005

Mixed reactions

Like many a Newcastle fan, I imagine, I greeted the news that near full strength Spurs and Man City sides had been unceremoniously dumped out of the League Cup by Grimsby and Doncaster respectively with a mixture of reactions.

On the one hand, Schadenfreude. Spurs had no fewer than FIVE English internationals on the pitch, one of whom was our dearly departed headless chicken JJ. A rather inauspicious start to your Spurs career, eh?

On the other, relief that we had sat the round out, and thereby avoided any danger of slumping to a similarly embarrassing defeat ourselves. Always good to see the big boys humbled by the minnows - unless, of course, that particular big boy happens to be us. And let's face it - it often is...

Anyway, congratulations to Grimsby and Doncaster. Let's just hope we don't draw either of you away in the next round.

Incidentally, what the City result means for Saturday's game is anyone's guess. A temporary aberration or the beginnings of a slide that'll mean they're ripe for a pasting at St James's? Judging by their performances this season so far, I'd imagine the former, but Doncaster's victory can only boost our confidence of notching back-to-back Premiership wins for the first time this season.


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