Thursday, May 19, 2005

Transfer tales

This week's must-read football-related blog post is without a doubt "Four Yugoslavians for a single Phil Neal", in which Jonathan of Crinklybee recalls the time when Fenham was gripped by Panini-sticker-mania:

"We needed Daniel Passerela of Argentina and Kevin Keegan, the England superstar. One Tuesday morning Passerela turned up in the playground; I was past caring and snaffled him in exchange for a half-dozen Czechoslovakians and a Mars Bar. Just Keegan to go now - but in the week before the big kick-off the England star striker signed, incredibly, for second division Newcastle United - elevating his status on the streets of Fenham in one fell swoop to somewhere more important than Pope John Paul 11, and the value of his Panini sticker to somewhere beyond priceless."

Half a dozen Czechoslovakians and a Mars Bar - well, I'd take that if it got Bowyer off our books, though I'd be holding out for a Snickers.


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