Thursday, May 12, 2005

Shut up, just shut up.

Why can't Fat Fred just keep his mouth shut? Whilst there's nothing really wrong in saying he’d like Shearer to manage the club in the future (although personally I'm far from convinced that it will lead to anything other than a souring of the relationship between Shearer and the fans), the fact is that we are once again in the papers.

Surely after the last couple of years we've had, it would be prudent for Fred to just decline to comment on such idle rumour, let alone start issuing missives about the future manager of the club. Wouldn't he be better simply backing Souness, and not disrespecting his work by talking about potential replacements?

When will Fred learn that the Peter Risdale school of media courtship is NOT the way to effectively run a club, and that we would all benefit from him accepting that with all the responsibility he has running the club, he should be setting a good example and introducing a culture of respect for the manager and desire not to talk to National newspapers among the staff.

Sadly, until he learns and understands that particular lesson, we're fated to reappear in the press again, and again, and again for reasons other than our match day performances.


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