Thursday, May 12, 2005

No rest for one

Without any club colleagues to accompany him, Jermaine Jenas has been picked for England's largely criticised forthcoming tour of the USA, and with it go any likelihood of him managing enough holiday time this summer for more than a weekend at Seahouses.

Accompanying him on the flight will be Southampton's Peter Crouch, who has been scoring goals on behalf of tall people everywhere this season. Yet another example, to Shola, that if you work hard and score some bloody goals, then Sven will pick you. However, without the hard work, and actually using your ability to put the ball in the net, the only place you'll go is down the divisions. (Ironic that this fate may yet befall Crouch on Sunday).

Hopefully this will give Shola a much needed kick up the backside and force him to stand up and be counted as a goal threat next season. However, if 52,000 people willing you on aren't enough of an incentive, I doubt watching a younger man board a plane to the States will be.


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