Thursday, February 10, 2005

Quote of the day

"I had one eye on the football as I quaffed ale in the pub last night – one eye more than was needed, as it turned out. Watching England has become like doing the hoovering. You know someone's got to do it, but you don’t want that someone to be you."

RotorGoat of Arsenal blog East Lower.

Glad I managed to avoid the England v Holland match and left it to others to watch - I don't think I could stand many more bore draws.

From a Toon point of view, it was once again bemusing to hear that Eriksson chucked on Dyer and JJ for Beckham and Gerrard late on. Not only are neither of our boys fit to lace the boots of those they replaced at the moment, this also meant Joe Cole, a creative player who could have changed the game, sat languishing on the bench.


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