Monday, November 22, 2010

Hollow centre

In yesterday's report on the Bolton debacle, I noted that either Sol Campbell or Steven Taylor would be guaranteed a game against Chelsea thanks to Sideshow Bob's three-match suspension. Well, it looks as though they could both be in luck, called in to plug a rather large hole, with Mike Williamson set to join his Argentinian central defensive partner for an extended spell on the sidelines.

Charged by the FA with violent conduct for an off-the-ball clash with Johan Elmander - the Swede, incidentally, also being Sideshow Bob's victim - Williamson is also facing a three-game ban. Just what we need: another of this season's star performers ruling themselves out of action through ill-discipline, and with the visits of Chelsea and Liverpool looming large. Hot-headedness might be in character for ASBO, but not for Williamson.

Still, hats off to the BBC for trying to cheer us up with Toon-focused cinematic masterpiece Goal!, eh? Ah.

Well, at least someone with a Newcastle connection may be beaming from ear to ear today - if Nicky Butt does take Hong Kong side South China up on their offer of a four-month contract, the People has claimed he'll pocket £200,000 a week...


Blogger Unknown said...

It seems to me that sports teams go into tailspin after a movie is made with them as a main part of the plot. 'Goal' is one example. 'Sudden Death' is another... it took the Penguins 15 years to shake of the stank of that movie and win a championship again.

I enjoy a good sports movie, just don't make them about a team I follow!

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