Monday, October 25, 2010

Another fine mess

Another Monday, another court appearance: business as usual for Rocky, then. Last week it was on an assault charge against his ex-girlfriend; this week it was also on an assault charge, this time the one committed in Blu Bambu in December.

Saturday's match-winner, clean-shaven and kempt, pleaded guilty but was spared community service or a short sentence, instead being fined £1000 and ordered to pay compensation of £2500 and court costs of around £1500. When news of his new five-year contract broke recently, there was no mention of weekly salary - but it's safe to assume that he probably has £5000 lying around in loose change...

It should be pointed out that Judge Esmond Faulkes' leniency owed much to the verdict that the assault was unintentional. In the words of Rocky's lawyer Stuart Driver: "Liquid was deliberately thrown but the glass accidentally travelled through the air due to the glass having been made wet". A line to bear in mind next time you stand accused of glassing someone.

Thankfully for our troubled and troublesome striker, one of his team-mates has promised to be on hand with comforting words and behavioural advice. Yes, you guessed it: ASBO. "My reputation hindered me for a long, long time and I will try and guide him to stop him from going down that path. I've been in his shoes. Andy knows where we are if he needs us. It's a massive dressing room. I will try and converse with him." Well, I suppose you have to concede ASBO knows "that path" like the back of his hand...


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