Thursday, August 12, 2010

Milk cup

Those of you of a certain age will no doubt remember a Scouse kid telling his mate that he should drink milk because Ian Rush says if he doesn't he'll only be good enough to play football for Accrington Stanley.

Having seen Ian Rush, admittedly about ten years after the ad was first broadcast, when he was trundling round St James' Park on a last hurrah courtesy of Kenny Dalglish, it's fair to assume that milk will only get you so far.

Anyway, yesterday's draw for the Second Round of the League Cup has seen Newcastle handed the task of a trip to Accrington in a match which has Sky executives already making preparations to send Andy Gray (well, more likely Chris Kamara) and co off to the North West on 25th August in the hope of an upset.

For what it's worth, Accrington have been identified in the excellent Two Unfortunates comprehensive Football League preview as hoping for a solid season in which they remain safely in the league. With a transfer embargo only recently lifted due to the late filing of accounts it looks like the cash which a tie at home to Newcastle will bring will be welcomed by the club chairman.

Hopefully we'll have learned the PR lessons which saw us vilified when we played Stevenage Borough in the FA Cup in 1998, and instead simply turn up, keep a low profile, win the game and come home again.


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