Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Quote of the day

"There is only one person to blame and that's the guy who decides who is going to run the club. Lots of people can buy football clubs but not many can run them."

At times of crisis, one man can be relied upon to remind us all what we are missing.

Step forward Fat Fred, who can't resist trotting out the same tired rhetoric he's been spouting to any journalist desperate enough to wave a dictaphone under his nose in the last two years.

Pausing for a second, let's just remember this is the man who once decided that Graham Souness was the right man to run the club.

Quote of the day however must go to this little gem: "Every year we were there we made a profit."

Yes Fred, you did. You and Dirty Doug both made a massive profit.

Sadly that was a personal profit, rather than one made by the club, as your years of mis-management left us hugely in debt.

A quick glance at the excellent nufc-finances website shows what a crock of shit Fat Fred is pedalling.

Between 1998-2006 the club made a loss of £27 million. Once you add the money paid out to shareholders that loss becomes £67 million. Only twice (1998, 2004) in that eight year period did the club make any profit (of £200,000 each time). In every other year it made a loss.

So when Fat Fred tells a journalist that "every year we were there we made a profit" he's correct, but only when you remember he's talking about his own personal finances. He screwed the club for every penny, and has the gall to paint himself as some sort of wronged pariah.

I'm no fan of Ashley, whose disastrous backing of Wise instead of Keegan in September has, in my view, left us in the mess we're in now; but let's be fair, at least Ashley's invested his own money in the club and paid off the debts which Fat Fred and Dirty Doug had left us in. He may be keen to try and make a profit in the event he sells the club, but he doesn't appear to be taking a huge salary out of the club.

Nothing annoys me more than the fat sanctimonious idiot spouting off about how he was in fact the man to take us forward, and that the sale of the club from under him to Ashley (from which he again made a vast amount of money) has led us to the place we are now. Yes, Ashley has made a number of horrific managerial errors this season, which we can dissect next week once the final whistle is blown , but for now let's just remember that the halcyon days Shepherd is referring to only served to boost his personal fortune as he bled the club dry. If Fat Fred had stayed, chances are we'd already have been relegated having gone into administration ages ago.

The man was a parasite who feasted on the club, who revelled in the fame and platform his involvement brought him, and whose revisionist approach to our recent financial history is insulting in the extreme.


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