Friday, August 01, 2008

Sweet FA

The ASBO saga just runs and runs, doesn't it?

Released from chokey on Tuesday to be assured he still had a future on Tyneside, yesterday he discovered Nike were cancelling his £40,000 boot sponsorship deal. Oh the ignominy of having a company with an appalling record in terms of labour conditions taking the moral high ground and looking down on you judgementally...

Then the saga lurched into yet another round today, with the news that the FA have now charged him for the assault on Ousmane Dabo. The courts gave him a four month suspended sentence, but it seems further footballing punishment in terms of a ban and/or fine could follow.

Understandably, noses have been put out of joint at St James's Park, with a club statement reading: "The club has sought clarification from the Football Association as to why this decision has been reached now, given the incident occurred nearly 15 months ago". And when he was in the employ of another club, it might have added. The FA are claiming they couldn't do anything until the criminal proceedings were wrapped up, but then they rarely move fast on anything.

But to be honest, I'm happy at the prospect - the more time ASBO's forcibly sidelined and unable to play for us the better.


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